Washington Capitals Rumors: Henrik Lundqvist to sign deal on Friday

During tonight’s Draft Coverage, Bob McKenzie reiterated once again what he stated late yesterday, Henrik Lundqvist will sign with the Capitals. “The logical landing place for Henrik Lundqvist is with the Washington Capitals,” he said. “It’s a good bet that the King ends up in D.C.”

McKenzie did give a “wink” by saying that not contracts can be signed until Friday.

Henrik Lundqvist signing with the Capitals

henrik lundqvist rumors
Washington Capitals rumors on Lundqvist (Getty Images/NHLI)

It started with what many believed was an innocuous tweet by Henrik Lundqvist. A closer look revealed a key and it was the last line, “I still want to WIN!” The King put the last word in all caps, which is by the way the Capitals official Twitter hashtag #ALLCAPS. Nice touch Hank.