Vancouver Canucks Schedule 2022-2023

From exhilarating home games within the Rogers Arena to adrenaline-pumping away matchups, every game is a nail-biting spectacle across the Vancouver Canucks schedule. See all the games below:

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Vancouver Canucks Games

The Vancouver Canucks didn’t make the postseason but swipe down to see all the scores from the regular season.

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Vancouver Canucks Schedule: Ilya Mikheyev
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Vancouver Canucks Scores

October 2022

  • 10/13, Oilers, away, L 5-3, Rogers Place
  • 10/15, Flyers, away, L 3-2, Wells Fargo Center
  • 10/18, Capitals, away, L 6-4, Capital One Arena
  • 10/19, Blue Jackets, away, L 4-3 OT, Nationwide Arena
  • 10/21, Wild, away, L 4-3 OT, Xcel Energy Center
  • 10/23, Sabres, home, L 5-1, Rogers Arena
  • 10/25, Hurricanes, home, L 3-2, Rogers Arena
  • 10/28, Kraken, away, W 5-4, Climate Pledge Arena
  • 10/29, Penguins, home, W 5-1, Rogers Arena

November 2022

  • 11/02, Devils, home, L 5-2, Rogers Arena
  • 11/04, Ducks, home, W 8-5, Rogers Arena
  • 11/06, Predators, home, L 4-3 SO, Rogers Arena
  • 11/09, Senators, away, W 6-4, Canadian Tire Centre
  • 11/10, Canadiens, away, L 5-2, Bell Centre
  • 11/13, Maple Leafs, away, L 3-2, Scotiabank Arena
  • 11/13, Bruins, away, L 5-2, TD Garden
  • 11/16, Sabres, away, W 5-4, KeyBank Center
  • 11/19, Kings, home, W 4-1, Rogers Arena
  • 11/22, Golden Knights, home, L 5-4, Rogers Arena
  • 11/24, Avalanche, away, W 4-3, Ball Arena
  • 11/27, Golden Knights, away, W 5-1, T-Mobile Arena
  • 11/28, Sharks, away, W 4-3 OT, SAP Center at San Jose
  • 11/30, Capitals, home, L 5-1, Rogers Arena

December 2022

  • 12/02, Panthers, home, L 5-1, Rogers Arena
  • 12/04, Coyotes, home, W 3-2 OT, Rogers Arena
  • 12/06, Canadiens, home, W 7-6 OT, Rogers Arena
  • 12/08, Sharks, away, W 6-5 OT, SAP Center at San Jose
  • 12/11, Wild, home, L 3-0, Rogers Arena
  • 12/15, Flames, away, W 4-3 SO, Scotiabank Saddledome
  • 12/18, Jets, home, L 5-1, Rogers Arena
  • 12/20, Blues, home, L 5-1, Rogers Arena
  • 12/23, Kraken, home, W 6-5 SO, Rogers Arena
  • 12/24, Oilers, away, W 5-2, Rogers Place
  • 12/28, Sharks, home, W 6-2, Rogers Arena
  • 12/30, Jets, away, L 4-2, Canada Life Centre

January 2023

  • 01/01, Flames, away, L 3-2, Scotiabank Saddledome
  • 01/04, Islanders, home, L 6-2, Rogers Arena
  • 01/06, Avalanche, home, W 4-2, Rogers Arena
  • 01/08, Jets, away, L 7-4, Canada Life Centre
  • 01/11, Penguins, away, L 5-4, PPG Paints Arena
  • 01/13, Lightning, away, L 5-4, Amalie Arena
  • 01/15, Panthers, away, L 4-3, FLA Live Arena
  • 01/15, Hurricanes, away, W 4-3 SO, PNC Arena
  • 01/19, Lightning, home, L 5-2, Rogers Arena
  • 01/21, Avalanche, home, L 4-1, Rogers Arena
  • 01/22, Oilers, home, L 4-2, Rogers Arena
  • 01/25, Blackhawks, home, W 5-2, Rogers Arena
  • 01/26, Kraken, away, L 6-1, Climate Pledge Arena
  • 01/28, Blue Jackets, home, W 5-2, Rogers Arena

February 2023

  • 02/07, Devils, away, L 5-4 OT, Prudential Center
  • 02/09, Rangers, away, L 4-3, Madison Square Garden
  • 02/10, Islanders, away, W 6-5, UBS Arena
  • 02/11, Red Wings, away, L 5-2, Little Caesars Arena
  • 02/14, Red Wings, home, L 6-1, Rogers Arena
  • 02/16, Rangers, home, L 6-4, Rogers Arena
  • 02/19, Flyers, home, W 6-2, Rogers Arena
  • 02/22, Predators, away, L 5-4 SO, Bridgestone Arena
  • 02/24, Blues, away, W 3-2 OT, Enterprise Center
  • 02/26, Bruins, home, L 3-1, Rogers Arena
  • 02/28, Stars, away, W 5-4 OT, American Airlines Center

March 2023

  • 03/03, Wild, home, L 2-1, Rogers Arena
  • 03/05, Maple Leafs, home, W 4-1, Rogers Arena
  • 03/07, Predators, home, W 4-3 SO, Rogers Arena
  • 03/09, Ducks, home, W 3-2 OT, Rogers Arena
  • 03/12, Senators, home, W 5-2, Rogers Arena
  • 03/15, Stars, home, W 5-2, Rogers Arena
  • 03/17, Coyotes, away, L 3-2, Mullett Arena
  • 03/19, Kings, away, W 3-2 SO, Arena
  • 03/20, Ducks, away, W 2-1, Honda Center
  • 03/22, Golden Knights, home, L 4-3, Rogers Arena
  • 03/24, Sharks, home, W 7-2, Rogers Arena
  • 03/25, Stars, away, W 3-1, American Airlines Center
  • 03/26, Blackhawks, away, W 4-2, United Center
  • 03/29, Blues, away, L 6-5 OT, Enterprise Center

April 2023

  • 04/01, Flames, home, L 5-4 OT, Rogers Arena
  • 04/03, Kings, home, L 4-1, Rogers Arena
  • 04/05, Kraken, home, L 5-2, Rogers Arena
  • 04/07, Blackhawks, home, W 3-0, Rogers Arena
  • 04/09, Flames, home, W 3-2 SO, Rogers Arena
  • 04/11, Kings, away, L 3-0, Arena
  • 04/12, Ducks, away, W 3-2, Honda Center
  • 04/14, Coyotes, away, W 5-4 OT, Mullett Arena

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How long is the Vancouver Canucks season?

The duration of the Vancouver Canucks season, as with all NHL teams, is determined by their regular season schedule and playoff performance. In general, the NHL regular season consists of 82 games and runs from early October to early April. If the Canucks made it to the playoffs, their season could extend until mid-June, depending on how far they progress through the postseason rounds.

How many seasons have the Vancouver Canucks played?

The Vancouver Canucks, founded in 1970, have completed 52 seasons thus far. Throughout their history, the Canucks have accomplished several notable feats. In the 2010-2011 season, they reached the Stanley Cup Finals for the third time in franchise history. Furthermore, they have made the playoffs 29 times and have won 10 division championships.

What was the best Vancouver Canucks season ever?

The best Vancouver Canucks season ever was arguably the 2010-2011 season, where the team experienced unparalleled success both in the regular season and playoffs. The Canucks finished the regular season as the league’s top team, amassing 117 points with a 54-19-9 record. This remarkable achievement earned them the Presidents’ Trophy, awarded to the NHL team with the most points at the end of the regular season. The 2010-2011 season also saw the Canucks’ dynamic duo, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, showcase their skills as they finished first and fourth in the league for points, respectively. Additionally, goaltender Roberto Luongo and his backup, Cory Schneider, were instrumental in the team’s success, as they combined for a league-best 2.20 goals-against average.

During the 2011 playoffs, the Vancouver Canucks had a remarkable run, making it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. They faced off against the Boston Bruins in a hard-fought, seven-game series. Although the Canucks ultimately fell short of capturing their first-ever Stanley Cup, losing in the seventh game, their performance throughout the season and playoffs left an indelible mark on the team’s history.

What was the worst Vancouver Canucks season ever?

The worst Vancouver Canucks season in the team’s history is arguably the 1998-1999 season, during which the team struggled immensely both on and off the ice. The Canucks finished the regular season with a dismal 23-47-12 record, amassing only 58 points, which placed them last in the Western Conference and second to last in the entire league. Several factors contributed to the team’s poor performance that year, including a lack of scoring depth, a weak defense, and inconsistent goaltending. Key players such as Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi underperformed, and the team experienced numerous injuries, further exacerbating their difficulties. Moreover, the 1998-1999 season was marred by off-ice issues, including the messy departure of fan-favorite and team captain Trevor Linden, who was traded to the New York Islanders mid-season.

The repercussions of the 1998-1999 season were felt for years to come, as the team struggled to rebuild and re-establish its identity. Attendance at home games plummeted, and fans’ frustration with the team’s management and performance was palpable. It took several seasons and significant roster changes for the Canucks to claw their way back to being competitive in the NHL.

Who is the Vancouver Canucks’ biggest rival?

The Vancouver Canucks’ biggest rival is widely considered to be the Calgary Flames. As fellow members of the Pacific Division and Western Conference, the Flames and Canucks have a long history of battling for playoff spots and divisional supremacy. The rivalry between these two teams, often referred to as the “Battle of Western Canada,” dates back to the early 1980s and has included numerous playoff matchups over the years.