St. Louis Blues Schedule 2022-2023

From exhilarating home games within the Enterprise Center to adrenaline-pumping away matchups, every game is a nail-biting spectacle across the St. Louis Blues schedule. See all the games below:

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St. Louis Blues Games

The St. Louis Blues didn’t make the postseason but swipe down to see all the scores from the regular season.

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St. Louis Blues Schedule
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St. Louis Blues Scores

October 2022

  • 10/16, Blue Jackets, Enterprise Center, W 5-2
  • 10/20, Kraken, Climate Pledge Arena, W 4-3 OT
  • 10/22, Oilers, Rogers Place, W 2-0
  • 10/25, Jets, Canada Life Centre, L 4-0
  • 10/27, Oilers, Enterprise Center, L 3-1
  • 10/28, Predators, Bridgestone Arena, L 6-2
  • 10/30, Canadiens, Enterprise Center, L 7-4

November 2022

  • 11/01, Kings, Enterprise Center, L 5-1
  • 11/04, Islanders, Enterprise Center, L 5-2
  • 11/08, Bruins, TD Garden, L 3-1
  • 11/09, Flyers, Wells Fargo Center, L 5-1
  • 11/11, Sharks, Enterprise Center, W 5-3
  • 11/13, Golden Knights, T-Mobile Arena, W 3-2
  • 11/15, Avalanche, Ball Arena, W 3-2
  • 11/17, Blackhawks, United Center, W 5-2
  • 11/18, Capitals, Enterprise Center, W 5-4 SO
  • 11/20, Ducks, Enterprise Center, W 6-2
  • 11/22, Ducks, Enterprise Center, W 3-1
  • 11/24, Sabres, KeyBank Center, L 6-2
  • 11/26, Lightning, Amalie Arena, L 5-2
  • 11/26, Panthers, FLA Live Arena, W 5-4 OT
  • 11/29, Stars, Enterprise Center, L 4-1

December 2022

  • 12/02, Hurricanes, Enterprise Center, L 6-4
  • 12/04, Penguins, PPG Paints Arena, L 6-2
  • 12/06, Rangers, Madison Square Garden, L 6-4
  • 12/07, Islanders, UBS Arena, W 7-4
  • 12/09, Jets, Enterprise Center, L 5-2
  • 12/11, Avalanche, Enterprise Center, L 3-2 OT
  • 12/13, Predators, Enterprise Center, W 1-0 OT
  • 12/16, Oilers, Rogers Place, W 4-3 SO
  • 12/17, Flames, Scotiabank Saddledome, W 5-2
  • 12/20, Canucks, Rogers Arena, W 5-1
  • 12/21, Kraken, Climate Pledge Arena, L 5-2
  • 12/24, Golden Knights, T-Mobile Arena, L 5-4 SO
  • 12/28, Maple Leafs, Enterprise Center, L 5-4 OT
  • 12/30, Blackhawks, Enterprise Center, W 3-1
  • 12/31, Wild, Enterprise Center, L 5-2

January 2023

  • 01/04, Maple Leafs, Scotiabank Arena, W 6-5 SO
  • 01/06, Devils, Prudential Center, W 5-3
  • 01/08, Canadiens, Bell Centre, L 5-4
  • 01/09, Wild, Xcel Energy Center, W 3-0
  • 01/11, Flames, Enterprise Center, W 4-3 OT
  • 01/13, Flames, Enterprise Center, L 4-1
  • 01/15, Lightning, Enterprise Center, L 4-2
  • 01/17, Senators, Enterprise Center, W 2-1
  • 01/20, Predators, Enterprise Center, W 5-2
  • 01/22, Blackhawks, Enterprise Center, L 5-3
  • 01/25, Sabres, Enterprise Center, L 5-3
  • 01/27, Coyotes, Mullett Arena, L 5-0
  • 01/28, Avalanche, Ball Arena, L 4-2
  • 01/31, Jets, Canada Life Centre, L 4-2

February 2023

  • 02/12, Coyotes, Enterprise Center, W 6-5 OT
  • 02/15, Panthers, Enterprise Center, W 6-2
  • 02/17, Devils, Enterprise Center, W 4-2
  • 02/18, Avalanche, Enterprise Center, L 4-1
  • 02/19, Senators, Canadian Tire Centre, L 7-2
  • 02/22, Hurricanes, PNC Arena, L 4-1
  • 02/24, Canucks, Enterprise Center, L 3-2 OT
  • 02/25, Penguins, Enterprise Center, L 3-2 OT

March 2023

  • 03/01, Kraken, Enterprise Center, L 5-3
  • 03/03, Sharks, SAP Center at San Jose, W 6-3
  • 03/05, Kings, Arena, L 4-2
  • 03/08, Coyotes, Mullett Arena, L 6-2
  • 03/10, Sharks, Enterprise Center, W 4-2
  • 03/12, Blue Jackets, Nationwide Arena, W 5-2
  • 03/12, Golden Knights, Enterprise Center, L 5-3
  • 03/16, Wild, Enterprise Center, L 8-5
  • 03/17, Capitals, Capital One Arena, W 5-2
  • 03/19, Jets, Enterprise Center, W 3-0
  • 03/22, Red Wings, Enterprise Center, L 3-2 SO
  • 03/23, Red Wings, Little Caesars Arena, W 4-3
  • 03/26, Ducks, Honda Center, W 6-3
  • 03/27, Kings, Arena, L 7-6
  • 03/29, Canucks, Enterprise Center, W 6-5 OT
  • 03/31, Blackhawks, United Center, W 5-3

April 2023

  • 04/01, Predators, Bridgestone Arena, L 6-1
  • 04/02, Bruins, Enterprise Center, L 4-3 SO
  • 04/05, Flyers, Enterprise Center, W 4-2
  • 04/07, Rangers, Enterprise Center, W 3-2 OT
  • 04/09, Wild, Xcel Energy Center, L 5-3
  • 04/13, Stars, Enterprise Center, L 5-2
  • 04/14, Stars, American Airlines Center, L 1-0

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How long is the St. Louis Blues season?

The duration of the St. Louis Blues season, as with all NHL teams, is determined by their regular season schedule and playoff performance. In general, the NHL regular season consists of 82 games and runs from early October to early April. If the Blues made it to the playoffs, their season could extend until mid-June, depending on how far they progress through the postseason rounds.

How many seasons have the St. Louis Blues played?

The St. Louis Blues, established in 1967, have played 56 seasons so far. Over the course of their history, the Blues have achieved several noteworthy accomplishments. In the 2018-2019 season, they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since joining the league. Additionally, they have qualified for the playoffs 43 times and have won 9 division titles.

What was the best St. Louis Blues season ever?

The best St. Louis Blues season ever is widely considered to be the 2018-2019 season, during which the team won their first-ever Stanley Cup Championship. This historic season was marked by an incredible turnaround, as the Blues began the year in last place, only to surge back and capture the ultimate prize in professional hockey. The team was led by captain Alex Pietrangelo, star forward Vladimir Tarasenko, and rookie goaltender Jordan Binnington, who became an overnight sensation for his outstanding performance throughout the playoffs.

The 2018-2019 season was not only significant for the Blues’ first championship but also for the remarkable resilience and determination that the team displayed. Despite their slow start, the Blues never gave up and became an inspiration to fans and players alike. They cemented their place in history with a memorable Game 7 victory against the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, securing their first title and forever etching their names in St. Louis Blues lore. The season was marked by many memorable moments, including the adoption of the team’s rallying song “Gloria” and the heartwarming story of young fan Laila Anderson, whose unwavering support and battle against a rare immune disease became a symbol of the team’s perseverance.

What was the worst St. Louis Blues season ever?

The worst St. Louis Blues season ever is generally believed to be the 2005-2006 season, a year that saw the team struggle mightily on the ice and finish with the worst record in the National Hockey League (NHL). The Blues posted a dismal 21-46-15 record, amassing only 57 points throughout the season, a stark contrast to their previous successes. This unfortunate turn of events was the result of several factors, including a roster depleted of talent due to a tight budget, injuries, and a lack of overall team cohesion. The Blues’ poor performance was evident in their offensive struggles, as they ranked last in the league in goals scored, and their defensive lapses, which contributed to their high goals-against average.

The 2005-2006 season was a major disappointment for the Blues and their fans, who were accustomed to regular playoff appearances and competitive play. Not only did the team fail to qualify for the postseason, but they also saw the end of their 25-year playoff appearance streak, which had been the longest active streak in North American professional sports at the time.

Who is the St. Louis Blues’ biggest rival?

The St. Louis Blues’ biggest rival is widely considered to be the Chicago Blackhawks, with the two teams sharing a heated and longstanding rivalry that dates back to the Blues’ inception in 1967. The Blues and Blackhawks are both members of the NHL’s Central Division, which has only served to intensify the competition between them. The rivalry has been fueled by frequent regular season and playoff matchups, as well as the geographic proximity of the two cities, with St. Louis and Chicago separated by just under 300 miles. This close distance has led to a passionate fanbase on both sides, who often travel to support their teams in each other’s arenas, further stoking the fire of this intense rivalry.

Over the years, the Blues-Blackhawks rivalry has featured many memorable moments and games that have only served to deepen the animosity between the two franchises. One such example occurred during the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs, when the Blues defeated the heavily-favored Blackhawks in a thrilling seven-game series, a victory which was particularly satisfying for St. Louis fans as Chicago had won three of the previous six Stanley Cups.