Spike in COVID-19 cases among players latest threat to the NHL season

Spikes in cases of COVID-19 are happening all over the world. The NHL is not immune to it as another team has a “significant” number of cases.

This morning we relayed that at least four members of the Vegas Golden Knights have tested positive and more are expected. Now we are learning the Columbus Blue Jackets are impacted as well.

COVID-19 cases on the rise everywhere

nhl coronavirus
NHL (Getty Images)

The dreaded second wave that many predicted appears to have hit. COVID-19 is on the rise across the globe and the hockey world is seeing that up close. Along with the positive cases impacting NHL teams today, Hockey Canada has had to postpone its WJC activities due to two positive tests.

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Dealing with COVID-19 is inevitable for the NHL

The truth is dealing with COVID-19 was inevitable. Leagues all around Europe have had to postpone matches due to positive COVID-19 cases. Two prominent teams in the SHL had to suspend activities in Lulea and Frolunda, with Henrik Lundqvist revealing his twin brother had it. Joel Lundqvist is the captain of the Frolunda Indians.

Jokerit in the KHL was another team impacted, and recently Kunlan Red Star was hit hard. So far, well over 100 players have tested positive around the league. These are going to be the same challenges the NHL will face attempting to compete in 2020-21.

So the NHL will have its hands full and are desperate to start the season on January 1. That’s because they know they will need to postpone games at some point. The NHLPA has yet to make their counter to league’s ask for a renegotiation of the CBA.

Time is running out, and COVID-19 is running up.