Sidney Crosby Audible documentary sheds light on amazing rookie debut

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Sidney Crosby, dubbed “The Next One” before even being drafted, came into the NHL with lofty expectations. Despite the pressures of being the next best hockey player since Wayne Gretzky, who was given the nickname “The Great One”, Crosby had a tremendous rookie debut.

In a new Audible Original, Sidney Crosby: The Rookie Year hosted by actor and Penguins fan, Joe Manganiello, we get an in-depth look into Crosby’s 2005-06 rookie season. Crosby recollects everything from the draft to the final game of the season, where he became the youngest player in NHL history to pass 100 points.

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Sidney Crosby Audible documentary review

Sidney Crosby Audible documentary
Sidney Crosby: The Rookie Year – Audible Original”

Hearing Sidney Crosby reflect on his career was enlightening and a reminder of just how difficult it can be for these kids coming into a sport. Even though he was excellent from the first drop of the puck, pressure was like a shadow, following him throughout the that rookie season.

“Prior to going into the season, we were a big favorite,” Crosby said. “Once you get in it and you’re losing games… everyone’s got their opinions of why you are losing and I’m a big focal point of that.”

The now 17 year veteran looks back and notes his naivety on just what it playing in the NHL was going to be like.

“The narratives of the diving or the whining. There’s just a lot of things to balance,” he admits. “You think about going to your first year in the NHL and you think ‘this all going to be fun’… but that’s not reality. There’s a lot of ups and downs in a season and I found that out pretty quickly.”

The show also features in-depth interviews with Crosby’s parents, Trina and Troy Crosby. Penguins legend and childhood idol Mario Lemieux also share their thoughts on that tumultuous season. Simply put it is a excellent listen for not only fans of Crosby and the Penguins, but hockey fans in general.

“It’s hard as a rookie coming in with that kind of spotlight,” Crosby explained. “I was playing with guys, you know, Mario [Lemieux] and Mark Recchi and John LeClaire, these guys that have accomplished so much in their careers, and here this kid comes in, hasn’t played an [NHL] game and who’s got all this fanfare. There was a lot to balance there.”

Audible Original, Sidney Crosby: The Rookie Year

Sidney Crosby is ready to tell his story in his own words. As one of the greatest NHL players of all time, he reflects on his 2005-06 rookie season with the Pittsburgh Penguins. From a Canadian phenom dubbed “the next Gretzky” to an 18-year-old carrying the burden of a struggling franchise, he talks candidly about the intense pressure he was under, the surreal experience of lacing up alongside his childhood idol Mario Lemieux, andthe truth about his rivalry with Alex Ovechkin. Sidney Crosby, with the help of his family, coaches, and former teammates, gives listeners an all-access pass to one of the most scrutinized and tumultuous rookie seasons in the history of professional hockey.Hosted by Pittsburgh nativeand Penguins fan Joe Manganiello.


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