Seattle Kraken Primer: Trade Freeze; Protected Lists; Expansion Draft and everything you need to know

The Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft is taking place on July 21st. It all begins today as teams must submit their protected lists. It also signals the start of a trade freeze for all teams other than the Kraken.

From 3 PM today until July 22nd, Seattle can makes trades with any team. Depending on who is forced to be left unprotected, teams may make side deals in order to either not lose a certain player, or entice GM Ron Francis to take a high contract off their roster. This crucial time will allow Seattle several days to determine the best path forward to start their franchise.

Here’s some key items and dates you need to know before the Kraken makes its first selection.

All teams must submit protected list by today

All NHL teams except the Vegas Golden Knights, will need to submit their list of protected players to the league by 5 PM ET today. What also should be understood is that there will be a trade freeze for every team but the Seattle Kraken.

Also starting today at 3 PM ET until July 22nd, only the Kraken can make trades with any team they want in the NHL. Teams will not be permitted to make deals with one another not involving Seattle. Recently, the Nashville Predators tried to make a deal with the Kraken but it is believed Ron Francis asking price for any trade starts with a first round pick.

This led to Nashville sending Viktor Arvidsson to the L.A. Kings for two draft picks, neither of which was a first rounder. “I had a couple of conversations with Seattle, if Viktor Arvidsson was not protected that’s who we would’ve lost,” he admitted to Darren, Daunic, and Chase of 102.5 FM. “Two picks is better than losing Viktor for nothing.”

Finally, on July 18th at 10 AM ET, the league will send out the protected lists to all teams.

Some of the top names believed to be left unprotected are T.J Oshie, PK Subban, Braden Holtby, Jakub Voracek, Matt Duchene, and Ryan Johansson to name a few.

Kraken can sign free agents

seattle kraken
Seattle Kraken Seattle expansion draft (Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

On the same day the protected lists are disseminated, Seattle can begin negotiations with any unprotected free agents (except the Golden Knights who are exempt from expansion draft). Ron Francis will also have the ability to offer 8 year deals to all free agents. This runs from 7/18 up until the day of the expansion draft. Note, if the Kraken sign a pending RFA that team will be owed compensation.

Also, if a team’s free agent is signed during this period it will count as the player lost. So if the Kraken decide to sign Brendan Smith who is a UFA to a deal, that’s whom the Rangers would lose in the expansion draft.

Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft

Then on Wednesday July 21st, the Seattle Kraken will announce their selections on ESPN2 starting at 8PM.

The Kraken must select one players from every team except Vegas. Of the 30 total selections they must choose at least 3 goalies, 9 defensemen, and 14 forwards.

Source for some additional details on dates from The Athletic.