Rod Brind’Amour playing hardball with the Hurricanes because the Kraken could be a back up plan

Could Rod Brind’Amour be the first coach of the Seattle Kraken? It certainly is a question worth discussing.

Rod Brind’Amour was an excellent hockey player. He was one of the more heady players on the ice and could beat you not only with his skill and power, but his smarts. A lot of that has helped him become one of the best young coaches in the NHL, and probably a highly sought after commodity if he and the Canes can’t work out an extension.

Rod Brind’Amour playing hardball with Carolina

A few days ago, I mused based on several factors that the reason Brind’Amour and the Hurricanes have not reached a new deal had something to do with Seattle.

In just under three seasons as an NHL coach, Brind’Amour has amassed a record of 116-64-19. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want him? This should get done soon, unless Rod wants to hear what his old buddy Ron Francis has to say out in Seattle.

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Last night on Saturday Headlines, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman gave this update:

“I understand that one of the biggest issues there is that Brind’Amour has asked that as much as he wants himself to get a contract extension, he also wants extensions for his coaching staff, the training staff and the equipment staff, which also are not signed for next year,” said Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman during the Headlines segment on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday. “And he said as much as a priority as his contract is, that is also an enormous priority for [Brind’Amour]. So what he is telling the organization is that he wants a situation where they are taken care of as well.”

Looks like Rod is feeling pretty strong in his negotiations to make demands like that. It makes one think, what else he may have in his back pocket?

What are the chances he ends up in Seattle?

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Kraken GM Ron Francis (CP)

Carolina’s owner, Tom Dundon has made it clear that he wants Rod Brind’Amour retained. That leads me to believe the two sides can work this out. However, if not all of Brind’Amour’s demands are met it would not hurt to hear a pitch from Ron Francis.

The two are very familiar as teammates and also on the management level in Carolina. Before Francis resigned as the GM, Rod Brind’Amour was an assistant coach under him with the Canes. Francis eventually had his contract terminated by the Hurricanes when Tom Dundon became the new majority owner.

The Seattle Kraken have made it a point not to rush a coaching hire saying they would go all the way up to June 30th if they need to. It’s not like there aren’t excellent coaching candidates available in Gerard Gallant and Claude Julien for instance. So who is Ron wanting for? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Ultimately, I expect Brind’Amour to stay put with the Canes. Still, knowing you may have another gig lined up sure makes it easier to negotiate a new deal and play some hardball.