Robin Lehner continues to unload on social media; calls on NHL and NHLPA for change

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender, Robin Lehner is an outspoken advocate for mental health. Although recently, he’s advocating for other changes and is now pressing the NHL and NHLPA to do something about it.

Lehner has been weighing in on the Jack Eichel surgery situation and was on several podcasts talking about it. He’s also questioned why the NHLPA have been silent on the matter. Eichel wants to have an artificial disc replacement which according to his doctor will have a better quality of life experience after hockey, but the Sabres want him to have the traditional fusion surgery for his herniated disc.

“I hate it.” he said on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast . “I know [teams] put investments into us, but your body is your body. If Eichel wants to have his surgery, how hard is it for them to have him sign a waiver and if it goes wrong they don’t pay him?”

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Robin Lehner makes serious claims

The 30 year-old goaltender, who signed a new 5-year deal with Vegas back in October is now taking his grievances a step further. Late yesterday, he started a Twitter thread that is now garnering attention from investigative reporter Rick Westhead and hockey agent Allan Walsh, who said “there are very important questions being asked that demand attention.”

robin lehner alain vigneault
Mar 27, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner (90) prior to the game against the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Lehner has several tweets and replies to inquiries, but this is the heart of it.

“Is it common for work places to give out benzodiazepines to employees when they travel and ambien? Should that not be done by doctors or psychiatrist? Asking for a friend,” he began. “This doesn’t happen in Vegas to be clear. But I know many other teams. I also been in on teams that do.”

This prompted Rick Westhead to provide the following context to Lehner’s question:

Benzodiazepines typically prescribed for anxiety, insomnia, seizures & panic disorders. They slow brain activity. People can become physically dependent on them in just days. The FDA in 2020 demanded new warning label for the drug, which is involved 30%+ of opioid ODs.

Lehner didn’t stop there, as he even called on the Philadelphia Flyers to fire head coach Alain Vigneault for treating players like robots.

Ultimately, Lehner demanded that the NHL and NHLPA look into his claims. “Enough for today, he concluded. “For everyday that goes by and this shit keeps going, I’ll be releasing a story and proof from myself, ex players and current players on what is going on. Truth tweets starts tomorrow unless things don’t get fixed. Have fun.”

The next question will be if the NHL and NHLPA will open up an investigation into what Lehner is claiming.

UPDATE: Elliotte Friedman is reporting that the NHL is reaching out to Robin Lehner if he would like to be directly interviewed.