Report: Wayne Gretzky stolen memorabilia was an inside job

The story of the stolen Wayne Gretzky memorabilia confirms the suspicions that this was an inside job. Ken Hadall is the 58 year old man accused of stealing $500,000 worth of The Great One’s from his father’s home. Walter Gretzky was not fully aware of what was happening, and it was family members that made the discovery.

Wayne Gretzky stolen items an inside job

In a new report by The Hockey News, Ken Campbell points out that Hadall was to be inducted into the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. The announcement came last February with the line;  It’s been said his most-used phrase is, ‘How can I help?’ 

The irony of it all is that Walter Gretzky is also a member of the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. Hadall has known the Gretzky family since the 1980’s and this comes as a shock to them.

Glen Gretzky, speaking for the family released a statement of disappointment. “Sad day. Our whole lives were about giving back and helping others. For something like this to allegedly happen, it’s a little disheartening right now.”

Items Stolen per Police Report

The stolen items were being sold across Canada according to police. After three months they were able to track the stolen property down and return it to Walter Gretzky and the family. The items taken were extensive.

During the course of the search warrants, police successfully recovered various items of Wayne Gretzky sports memorabilia including multiple game used sticks, hockey gloves, pants, jerseys and a Player-of-the-Year award. The estimated value of the recovered property is believed to be valued in excess of $500,000 USD.Additionally, during the course of the investigation, police uncovered evidence of a second individual, unrelated to the initial investigation, believed to have committed a fraud involving Gretzky memorabilia (hockey stick).

Brantford Police

Note: All are presumed innocent until proven guilty.