Report: Vote and Announcement for 2021 NHL season expected this week

The NHL and NHLPA are expected to hold votes this week to officially approve the 2021 NHL season. Things began to move rapidly once the NHL owners backed off on requiring additional financial concessions.

Rumors abound about when the vote will take place. Speculation has a vote taking place as early as today, with others saying Wednesday. The NHL has stated that a vote needs to be done by the end of the week.

What the 2021 NHL Season will look like

2021 NHL season
Mitch Marner (Getty Images)

Based on all info gathered and reported here’s what we expect:

  • A 56 game schedule
  • Puck drop on 1/13/21
  • Realigned Divisions (still questions here)
  • Hybrid Hubs (teams play in their own arenas)
  • Mini home stands like baseball
  • Extensive testing starting 12/26
  • 10 day training camp
  • Camps begin 12/28 for non-RTP teams and 1/3 for remaining
  • No exhibition games
  • No restrictions on trades between US & Canadian teams
  • Possibly expanded rosters
  • Possibly taxi squads
  • Vaccine may be optional
  • Ads placed on helmets for additional revenue

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