Report: Rangers and others called Buffalo Sabres about disgruntled Jack Eichel

Renowned NHL Insider, Bob McKenzie came out of semi-retirement to drop a bomb on Twitter. In a series of tweets he basically said that teams were checking in with the Buffalo Sabres due to recent comments that he wasn’t happy with all the losing.

“Listen, I’m fed up with the losing and I’m fed up and I’m frustrated. You know, it’s definitely not an easy pill to swallow right now. It’s been a tough couple of months. It’s been a tough five years with where things have [gone],” Eichel said on a conference call Thursday. “I’m a competitor. I want to win every time I’m on the ice. I want to win a Stanley Cup every time I start a season.” via ESPN

The best part of the entire thread is McKenzie citing one of those teams as the New York Rangers.

Jack Eichel trade rumors
Jack Eichel trade rumors again (NHLI/Getty Images)

Rangers and Jack Eichel rumors

There is no secret that the Rangers want to add another star center to the roster. They have Mika Zibanejad but would love an upgrade over Ryan Strome. This prompted me to write about the possibility of a Jack Eichel trade to the Rangers all the way back in April.

So how much more can Jack Eichel take? How soon before he feels he needs a change and asks to be traded? If that were to happen, Jeff Gorton would undoubtedly make a move for the young star center and it looks like he may have already tried.

So where do things stand with Eichel and the Sabres?

So where does Eichel stand now? According to Eichel’s agent Peter Fish, “Jack wants to win, he’s frustrated but no, he doesn’t want out (of Buffalo).” That’s all well and good for now.

“It’s also believed there has been dialogue between Eichel and BUF to ensure they both want the same thing (to get better obviously) and share the same timetable (sooner rather than later),” McKenzie also wrote. The question is, if the Sabres are out of the playoffs again, will Eichel make his demand to be traded public? Only time will tell, and the clock is ticking on the Sabres.

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