Report: Talks continue on next NHL season as NBA gives each team $1 million in financial protection

The NHL and NHLPA continue to discuss the particulars and logistics for the 2021 season. Both sides are working towards a January 15 start date but according to TVA’s Renaud Lavoie the deal needs to happen this week to make it a reality.

NHL still working on 2021 season but financials not being discussed

NHL 2021 season start
NHL 2021 season start coming (Chris Young/AP)

As we have been following all the reporting around the league, there are plenty of positive signs. A 56 game schedule with a start date between January 13-16 and an announcement of a new season should be coming within days.

Per Elliotte Friedman some particulars were as follows:

  • Season begins 1/15
  • Season ends 5/1
  • Cup awarded no later than 7/7
  • Camp for non-RTP teams 12/28
  • Camp for RTP teams 1/1

Apparently enough headway was made that teams have reached out to their players and told them to be ready. It is possible an official announcement is coming in the next few days.

NBA gives $1 million to each team

The NHL is often unfairly compared to the NBA due to the fact both are considered “winter sports”. That is mostly due to their schedules near start and end dates.

Financially the two sports couldn’t be further apart but expect some more unfair comparisons with this story.