Report: NHL threatens to cancel the season if players don’t renegotiate deferrals

The NHL is asking its players to defer another 13% of their salary. This is on top of what they already agreed to and would bring the total to 62% of pay for next season.

NHL threatens to cancel the season

According to a report from Nick Kypreos, the NHLPA are on a phone call with up to 100 members to discuss the situation. He is also reporting that there’s a hint the NHL may opt to cancel the season if they do not renegotiate.

Players and agents not happy

nhl season cancel

As you can imagine, many players are not happy about giving up more money. Many of them bargained in good faith when they did the CBA just four month ago.

Agents are voicing their opinions as well. Allan Walsh who represents stars like Marc-Andre Fleury had a snide remark to the situation. “Imagine if NHL players approached the League four months after agreeing to a new CBA attempting to dramatically change the terms of the deal?” Walsh pondered. “How quickly would Gary say “Take a hike”? The ink isn’t even dry on the new deal.”

We will follow up on this story when more comes out.


Per Pierre Lebrun, “NHLPA Board call wrapped up around 6:30 pm ET, went about 2 1/2 hours. No votes taken. Just a discussion. But sources say feeling on the call was that players aren’t keen on changing salary deferral/escrow rates from what was already agreed to in June CBA. More discussion needed.”