Report: NHL tables financials, full force ahead on January 13 start date

The NHL and NHLPA appear to have made significant progress to start the 2021 season. According to several reports late last night, both sides have dropped all discussions on financials and will stick with the MOU and CBA signed four months ago.

NHL targeting a January 13 start to season

Darren Dreger reported that on Sunday, the NHLPA offered to defer more money but were not going to increase escrow. This has been their stance from the get go.

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NHL targeting January 13th start date (mobiletechreport)

The report was added to by his colleague Pierre Lebrun who said, “still some work to be done on protocols, schedule, critical date, etc…” It also believed the schedule will call for 56 games.

Once complete, both the NHL’s Board of Governors and NHLPA board must approve. There is an expectation that several owners will vote against it but not enough to stop the forthcoming season.