Report: Henrik Lundqvist reveals he has a position waiting with New York Rangers when he retires

henrik lundqvist
Henrik Lundqvist (Matt Kinkaid/Getty Images)

Henrik Lundqvist went on record about his post playing career future. Johan Rylander of the Göteborgs-Posten got the exclusive interview and gave me early access in order to work on the English translations.

Forever Blueshirts was the first to bring you this great interview for U.S. audiences.

Henrik Lundqvist and New York Rangers will reunite when career over

Henrik Lundqvist has only ever known one NHL team, the New York Rangers. While he is ready for a new chapter and challenge in Washington, the King plans to make a return home when he retires from playing.

“This is a new chapter (Washington), and I look forward to the test,” Lundqvist said to Johan while driving to a practice rink in NJ. “But I’ll be a part of the Rangers for the rest of my life, in one way or another. Both I and the Rangers have been clear about that. That’s how it will be.”

The GP reporter followed up for clarity if that meant a job with the Rangers when his career was done. “Yes, it will be the role they want it to be,” Hank responded.

“I don’t know if the role will be small or if there will be something more.” Lundqvist added. “It is further ahead. It’s all about timing. It’s just not now.”

“I feel that I will somehow be connected to Rangers forever after so many years and all the people I got to know in the club, from the owner on down,” he concluded on the topic.

Henrik Lundqvist
Lundqvist and Ovechkin to join forces (Getty Images)

Henrik Lundqvist considered playing for Frölunda

One of the biggest rumors during the offseason was if Henrik Lundqvist would opt to play with his brother Joel for Frölunda. “Yes, all the cards were on the table,” he told Johan when asked about playing there this season. “All the different scenarios were involved when I started thinking about the whole situation. Somewhere in the big picture it was there.”

“A lot is about timing in life, what happens and what opportunities open up,” Hank continued. “I have never closed the door to Frölunda and I will never do so until the day I leave the game. It will always be a possibility. Now was not the right time.”

Note: I will have more of the Lundqvist interview with regards to the Capitals here later today. For now you can read the full interview here.