Report: Boston Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs among teams pushing for more player concessions

Billionaire owner of the Boston Bruins, Jeremy Jacobs has been identified as one of the owners pushing the league for more concessions. In a scathing new article by Larry Brooks of the NY Post, he reveals Jacobs is one of them.

Boston Bruins owner wants more concessions

boston bruins owner
TD Garden (NHLI)

Initially reported by Kevin McGran of The Star, it was learned that Gary Bettman ushered the CBA and MOU with owners primarily on his recommendations to sign. At the time, Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs was on board, but after its passing and further review he and a small group of teams were unhappy.

This is now getting additional confirmation from the NY Post, along with identifying “Mr. Jacobs” as one of the owners upset and seeking a do-over.

Information we’ve gathered over the last 48 hours indicates that the owners might have reason to be angry — but not at the union. Indeed, we’ve been told by two sources that club owners were largely uninformed about the spring and summer negotiations and had little or no time to examine the CBA before it was put to a vote.

Now that the owners understand the ramifications of the deal given the challenges of playing at least a largely spectator-free 2020-21, there is a group livid at the commissioner and deputy Bill Daly. We are told that Boston’s “Mr. Jacobs” is among them.


NHL working on 2021 season but financials not being discussed

As we have been following all the reporting around the league, there are plenty of positive signs. A 56 game schedule with a start date between January 13-16 and an announcement of a new season should be coming within days.

However as of late last night, Pierre Lebrun reported the two sides continued to talk but nothing significant to relay. Once again, not a word about financials.

Does that mean Mr. Jacobs and the other owners have dropped their request for more concessions? Or will this “small group” of owners ultimately force a cancellation of the season if they don’t get their way?

These are answers we are sure to get in this pivotal week.