Projected top pick; Owen Power would love to play for Buffalo Sabres

When Michigan’s star defenseman and projected first overall pick, Owen Power contemplated returning to college next season, some viewed it as a slight to the Buffalo Sabres. Normally, the number one pick in the draft is considered ready to make the leap into the NHL.

In a recent interview, Power made sure he let his feelings known about Buffalo.

Owen Power would love to play for Sabres

“I know they’ve got a rich history. It would be an honor to play for them and to get drafted by them,” Power told TSN last week. “Yes, I would love to be a part of [the Sabres]”

The 18 year-old is the favorite to be the top selection in the NHL Entry Draft come July 23rd. He grew up just 90 miles away from Buffalo in Mississauga, Ontario. The proximity of being close to home would make it easy to travel back on off days and time off.

Power, and many other prospects have been interviewing with teams ahead of the draft. And according to the young defenseman, the interview went well.

Power is still weighing his options

Last week, Power said he was strongly considering whether he would sign a contract immediately after the draft or return to school.

“I wouldn’t say I’m committed to going back to school. I’m leaning towards it right now, but that’s obviously something I’ll have to talk to with whichever team drafts me,” he said. “I’ll be looking into it more after I get drafted.”

Most recently, he explained where his mindset is at.

“I think both options are good options and I don’t think you can really go wrong,” he said. “So I feel like I’m in a good spot where if I do sign or if I go back, I’m making a good decision either way. … I’m confident in myself that if I was to sign this season I’d be able to jump in the [NHL] and play a full season. Whether or not that’s the best decision, I still don’t know.”

Either way, I don’t believe it will dissuade the Sabres from making him their top pick in less than two weeks.