Stanley Cup odds updated and the exciting Alexis Lafreniere raffle is must see TV tonight

Stanley Cup odds have been updated and released. Where does your favorite team sit after a wild opening qualifying round?

Updated Stanley Cup Odds

Stanley Cup Betting Odds:

Colorado Avalanche +500
Philadelphia Flyers +600
Tampa Bay Lightning +600
Vegas Golden Knights +600
Boston Bruins +1000
St. Louis Blues +1200
Carolina Hurricanes +1400
Washington Capitals +1400
Dallas Stars +1800
Calgary Flames +2200
Chicago Blackhawks +2500
New York Islanders +2500
Vancouver Canucks +2500
Arizona Coyotes +3000
Columbus Blue Jackets +3000
Montreal Canadiens +3000

Eastern Conference
Philadelphia Flyers +300
Tampa Bay Lightning +350
Boston Bruins +450
Washington Capitals +600
Carolina Hurricanes +700
New York Islanders +1200
Columbus Blue Jackets +1500
Montreal Canadiens +1500

Western Conference
Colorado Avalanche +200
Vegas Golden Knights +250
St Louis Blues +500
Dallas Stars +900
Calgary Flames +1100
Vancouver Canucks +1200
Chicago Blackhawks +1500
Arizona Coyotes +1800


NHL Draft Lottery Alexis Lafreniere sweeps

Stanley Cup odds Lafreniere
The Alexis Lafreniere raffle! (Vincent Ethier/CHL)

Last night the Columbus Blue Jackets helped the Toronto Maple Leafs get their names into the Alexis Lafreniere sweepstakes. They are the last team to have a ball in the Phase 2 NHL Draft Lottery which is set for tonight at 6PM Eastern Time.

NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman will draw the ball tonight on live TV. That is very unlike how the draft lottery is conducted, making this a must watch event for any hockey fan.

All in for Alexis Lafreniere

Alexis Lafreniere, is going to be an amazing consolation prize for someone. Eight teams are still reeling from their qualifying round loss and this would help ease the pain.

At an early age, Lafreniere excelled and was pegged to be a top draft pick in the NHL. He has all the makings to be an elite player in the league and pressure is a non factor since he’s been under a microscope for years.

Here’s how each team in the mix can fair:

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