NHL Rumors: Patrik Laine the Kraken? Bettman kept owners in the dark?

There’s a lot of outstanding questions when it comes to the NHL and the upcoming season. One story in particular that is starting to grow involved Gary Bettman and his handling of the RTP negotiations.

NHL Rumors: Gary Bettman left owners out of the loop

In a feature report run in The Star, Kevin McGran discusses how the latest negotiations are much different than the Return to Play. Gary Bettman had the full endorsement of all the owners in getting the game back.

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Bettman under pressure to get a deal done (NHLI)

According to the report, even frugal owners like Boston’s Jeremy Jacobs were on board. It appears that some have buyer’s remorse and that’s why we are here in a new deadlock.

Bettman kept the owners out of the talks with Fehr over the summer that led to the completion of the season and this memorandum of understanding that – on the face of it – guarantees a season in which the players will be paid 72 per cent of what they’re owed.

Bettman sprung the MOU on the board of governors, who unanimously endorsed it. It’s believed some voted merely on Bettman’s recommendation. Now, having subsequently read the MOU after it passed, some are unhappy with it.

The Star, 11/30/2020

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Patrik Laine Seattle’s first superstar?

The general consensus surround Winnipeg Jets star forward Patrik Laine is that a trade in inevitable. That brings us to the latest rumor musings by Ken Weibe from Sportsnet.

He suggests that he believes Ron Francis will look to acquire a player like Laine. Not through the expansion draft but possibly via trade. At what cost for a brand new franchise that doesn’t have any players yet? Well here’s how he answered:

Of course the price of acquisition remains challenging when thinking of a team that has no players on its current roster and will be looking to add draft picks rather than consider trading some of them in a prospective deal with the Jets.

Laine in Seattle would be a huge lift for that market. It is also not the craziest rumor I’ve ever heard.