NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane up for rebuild, and Patrice Bergeron with Habs?

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The Chicago Blackhawks will be front and center in the NHL Rumors department this offseason.

It is widely understood that they will be looking to rebuild and have veteran assets they’ll look to move in order to do so. Which will take you directly to the two biggest names on their roster Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

Both will speak to GM Kyle Davidson further about their futures and direction of the team come the summer. However, it sounds like Kane could be up to stick around for the rebuild.

NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane up for Blackhawks rebuild

The Chicago Blackhawks have long been eliminated from playoff contention. On Tuesday, Kane spoke with the media about his future with the team looking to rebuild. His response was intriguing as it sounded like sticking around for it was something he’s be up to do.

He specifically cited both the Kings and Rangers rebuild efforts. In particular, how quickly it can be done.

“You can win and still rebuild. I think there’s teams that have accelerated that too,” Kane said as he praised the work the L.A. Kings have done recently by adding a player like Philip Danault with the youth in the lineup and making the playoffs.

“Same thing with the Rangers, right? They put out that memo a couple of years ago that they’re rebuilding, and all of a sudden they’re one of the best teams in the league a couple of years later,” Kane added. “Obviously, you bring a guy in like Panarin, that helps, and Shesterkin. He comes to the forefront. You need those young guys obviously to take next steps but I think it could be done quicker than maybe some people think.”

Kane, 33, has one year left on a deal that hits the cap at $10.5 million. He’s registered 92 points in 76 games this season and would return a haul of picks and prospects if moved.

Patrice Bergeron with the Habs?

Patrice Bergeron rumors
Apr 24, 2022; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron (37) plays the puck and Montreal Canadiens defenseman Alexander Romanov (27) defends during the first period at the Bell Centre. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Bergeron, 36, is coming off an 8 year-deal with a cap hit of $6.75 million. He’s still highly competitive and productive with 61 points in 72 games.

As of right now, everyone is expecting him to eventually sign a contract extension with the Bruins before becoming an unrestricted free agent on July 13.

“I’m going to play out this year, and then talk about that after,” Bergeron said before the season started. “I think for me, the way that I approach this year is I want to concentrate on this year. I have a year left on my contract, and I think it’d be useless of me to think about the future.”

Thus far he’s held true to that statement and the two sides will likely come to terms after the season. However, Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now can see a scenario where he tests the market.

Numerous sources have told Boston Hockey Now that if Bergeron reaches NHL free agency on July 13, obviously a plethora of teams will pursue him and at the front of the line will be the Montreal Canadiens. Bergeron’s longtime agent Kent Hughes was named the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens back in January. Prior to that, the Canadiens hired former Boston Bruins interim and assistant GM Jeff Gorton as their executive vice president of hockey operations.

Boston Hockey Now

So could Bergeron leave the spoked B for Habs? In my mind I simply can’t see it. Sure, could he test free agency and play for another team out West? Yes, there’s a slim chance. But to go to the Bruins most heated rival? That’s just too tough for me to see play out.