NHL Rumors: Leafs trade to protect players from Kraken, Sabres hoping to keep Taylor Hall, and more

As we await word that the NHL and the NHLPA have come to their collective senses and we get a 2021 season, here’s the latest from around the rumor mill.

NHL Rumors: Leafs may make a deal to protect players from expansion

The Toronto Maple Leafs have an impressive lineup. We understand the expansion rules are designed so that every team is going to lose a quality player. The same thing happened with Vegas and teams were making trades to protect some of their exposed players.

According to James Mirtle of The Athletic that may be what the Leafs have to do as well.

My guess is they lose Kerfoot, Holl or Dermott, although who knows what the roster looks like by the time the Kraken get cracking. The Leafs could also get creative and protect one of those players by offering Ron Francis another asset. Or they could open up some more cap space by letting one of those contracts go to Seattle.

The Athletic

Considering that the Leafs were shopping Kerfoot last season, I don’t think they would be opposed to letting the Kraken take him.

Sabres want to re-sign Taylor Hall

taylor hall rumors
Taylor Hall (NHLI)

The Buffalo Sabres wanted to show Jack Eichel they were dead serious about changing the culture of losing. They went out and gave Taylor Hall $8 million for one season. Now they must find a way to keep him and it won’t be easy.

John Vogl at The Athletic broke down the Sabres needs and salary cap to determine if they play it right, they should have around $9 million in space to retain Hall. The question, as it was for Arizona is will he want to stay there.

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