NHL Rumors: Leafs looking at Zdeno Chara, Mikko Lehtonen leaving KHL, and next season update

Zdeno Chara in a Maple Leafs uniform? Yes, you heard that correctly. Toronto GM Kyle Dubas apparently is looking at the UFA defender to see if he may have interest.

NHL Rumors: Leafs explore signing Zdeno Chara

Kyle joined Luke Fox on Sporstnet 590 and the topic of signing Big Z came up.

“Yeah, I mean that is your job, you explore everything. I just don’t know where the cap space would come from and I’m really curious if Chara is kind of Boston or bust at this point. I don’t know if he’s willing to uproot his family and play for another team. Maybe he is, but you know, I would be surprised if Chara ends up in a Maple Leaf uniform, put it that way, but you make every call you need to make.”

Kyle Dubas on Sportsnet 590 (Translation NHLRumors)

As for where Chara is at, in a recent report his agent explained the hold up. Matt Keator, like some other NHL executives are not optimistic about a January 1 start date.

“January 1 doesn’t seem too realistic right now does it?” he told BHN. That was based on logistics. Throw in what’s going on with renegotiating the CBA and Chara will take his sweet time on any decision.

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Mikko Lehtonen terminates contract with Jokerit

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Mikko Lehtonen leaves Jokerit ([email protected])

The Leafs signed Mikko Lehtonen back in May but he was not eligible to play in the playoffs. Lehtonen then decided to play with Jokerit in the KHL and he and his teammates contracted COVID-19 and had to postpone matches.

Now, he and Jokerit have mutually agreed to terminate their deal. This allows Lehtonen to join the Leafs training camp next month if everything works out.

Latest on NHL 2020-2021 season

There is a lot to digest these last few days but here is a quick break down:

  • NHL is targeting a January 1 start date
  • NHL has asked NHLPA to renegotiate aspects of CBA for this upcoming season
  • NHLPA upset but will come back with a counter
  • Must hammer out RTP and CBA by end of month to hit January 1 target
  • Pray