NHL Rumors: Johnny Gaudreau to the Flyers inevitable?

Johnny Gaudreau has been long rumored to have a desire to play closer to his home in Salem, NJ. Per one senior columnist, Johnny Hockey in a Flyers uniform is inevitable.

Johnny Gaudreau destined for Philly

In a recent podcast appearance, Eric Francis who covers the Flames for Sportsnet had some interesting comments.

“There is zero doubt in my mind that he is not going to re-sign in Calgary. He says otherwise, but I think he is destined for Philadelphia,” Francis said when asked about Gaudreau’s future with Calgary. “I think people have thought that from the day he signed here and he’ll ultimately be a Flyer.”

via The Fourth Period

The 27 year-old forward has two years left on his deal and an admitted desire to play for the Flyers.

Gaudreau would love to play for the Flyers

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Fire up those Gaudreau trade rumors again (Jeff McIntosh/CP)

Back in 2017, the up and coming star let it be known he’d love to play for his hometown Flyers.

“I have a ton of family [in Philadelphia] all my friends,” Gaudreau said during an interview with a Philly sports station. “All my good friends and kids who I have played with all my life are from South Jersey, so it would be sweet to play here someday. You never know in sports. It’s a lot of support back here in South Jersey and the Philly area, they follow me pretty well.”

With the trade rumor mill constantly swirling around him, and Kevin Hayes clamoring to play with his College buddy again. These dots have been connected for awhile.

So the question is, do the Flames trade him before his deal is up or wait and possibly see him walk to the Flyers for nothing.