NHL Rumors: Jeff Skinner not waiving no move clause, Rasmus Ristolainen open to trade, and is Kevin Weekes next Rangers executive

The Buffalo Sabres and New York Rangers are conducting exit interviews today. One of the juiciest tidbits thus far is coming out of Buffalo as Jeff Skinner makes it clear he wants to remain with the Sabres. Another player isn’t that sure.

Jeff Skinner not waiving no move clause, Rasmus Ristolainen open to trade

Jeff Skinner wants to be a Sabre, which is something he’s iterated already. This came about when he was asked if he’s be willing to waive his no-move clause for the Seattle Expansion Draft. It’s not something Skinner is interested in.

Another Sabre wanted it known that he has no interest in a rebuild. Rasmus Ristolainen wants to play a playoff game whether it’s in Buffalo or somewhere else. He told GM Kevyn Adams that he’s open to a trade this summer.

Kevin Weekes the next Rangers executive

kevin weekes
Kevin Weekes, Josh Harris, Jack Hughes and Ray Shero are shown at a press conference in Newark, Tuesday June 25, 2019. Jack Hughes

NHL Network analyst Kevin Weekes is one of the brightest minds in the game today. He has been sought for interviews by teams like the New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguins. Now there’s some talk that he could land with old teammate, Chris Drury in New York.

Erik Duatschek brought up the subject in a recent article on The Athletic. He writes:

I would look at Kevin Weekes for a lot of reasons beginning with the fact that Weekes has a lot of the same background, career path and people skills that made Davidson so effective. Davidson played goal in the NHL, eventually moved into the broadcast booth once his playing career ended and then got his first front office position in St. Louis… Like Davidson, Weekes also has great charisma — an important asset nowadays in any organizational leader. Weekes was in the running for the job in Pittsburgh that eventually fell to Burke. Plus he played for both the Rangers and Devils at the end of his career.

Credit where it is due, this is a fantastic idea from Duhatschek. Although he believes Weekes would be a fit as President, I think he’d be more influential to the team’s success as an assistant GM for now. If Drury were to bring in Weekes, it would be the joining of two of the brightest minds in the game today.