NHL Rumors: Jack Eichel saga takes some bizarre twists

This is now getting so downright ridiculous that I’m not even sure where to begin.

Jack Eichel and the Buffalo Sabres are heading for a divorce via trade. When that will happen is still anyone’s guess. However, that isn’t stopping the situation from growing more bizarre by the day.

NHL Rumors: Jack Eichel on Twitter

Yesterday, Jack Eichel started a Twitter account. It raised plenty of eyebrows to see what he might say on the social media app. The account was also verified, which I learned is not an easy thing to do for an athlete or a celebrity. They need to provide proof of identity, like a driver’s license to get that verified checkmark.

Jack Eichel Twitter
Screen Cap of Jack Eichel profile (Twitter)

As of this writing, Eichel has almost 8000 followers including the Sabres, but has not yet tweeted.

According to John Vogl, who covers Buffalo for The Athletic, he states that Eichel’s agent says it is a fake. Mind you, someone who is well aware of the process for athletes getting verified called that into question. As detailed already, proof of identity is required.


There is an actual fake account that copied Eichel’s profile and tweeted “Let me out Buffalo” that may really be what Eichel’s agents are referring to and the verified account is legitimate.

Like I said, bizarre.

UPDATE: Eichel confirms it’s his account.

Jack Eichel heading to the Rangers?

Call this one a head scratcher too.

Steve Valiquette made wearing a Spider-Man goalie helmet famous with the Rangers caused a stir on the bird app today. The MSG TV Analyst, and close friend of GM Chris Drury tweeted that his spider senses were tingling on Jack Eichel and the NYR.

This caught the attention of NY Post reporter Larry Brooks. “Curiously, Drury has been telling agents this week that Rangers have never been seriously interested in Eichel,” he responded.

Again, bizarre.

However, this is the way contract and trade negotiations are played. Where information changes from day-to-day and even hour-to-hour.

Finally, Scott Laughlin of NHL Radio made a great point. The NFL’s Buffalo Bills just extended QB Josh Allen to a monster deal worth $258 million. He mused, wouldn’t it makes sense to make the trade now and minimize the media scrutiny?

Yup. Bizarre.