NHL Rumors Roundup: Sakic likes his goalies, DeAngelo trade, Danault, and more

The NHL rumors don’t stop, not even on Sunday. Here’s the latest round up from Colorado to, Montreal. We also check in on the New York Rangers, and RFA Tony DeAngelo.

NHL Rumors – Avalanche like their goalies

Colorado Avalanche GM, Joe Sakic said, “They both had good years,” when discussing his goalies. “Unfortunately, they both got injured at the wrong time, but neither of those injuries you have to worry about. “

It sounds like the legendary Avs player is happy with Philipp Grubauer and Pavel Francouz as his goalies. “They both had good stretches and we expect that next year,” Sakic concluded.

So is he being serious? Or is Sakic posturing for what he expects will be some tough trade conversations or UFA negotiations. I just can’t understand how Sakic can walk away from this season and think he doesn’t need an upgrade in goal.

NHL Rumors – Tony DeAngelo trade rumors

According to Larry Brooks, “a contract of longer than one year for DeAngelo would all but ensure losing 20-year-old righty defenseman Nils Lundkvist to unrestricted free agency on June 2, 2022, without ever getting the Swede to Broadway.”

NHL rumors
RFA, Tony DeAngelo (Getty Images)

While this is a possibility, it remains likely an extremely low one to happen. Brooks also ignores the fact that Tony DeAngelo could still be traded after signing his next deal if the Rangers were afraid of such a scenario. As one league contact told me today, “Do you recall the last time a player, a first round pick no less, actually did that?” That should at least eliminate Brooks’ main reason why they would trade DeAngelo.

I had a brief exchange with Tony who joked, “[Brooks] always tries trading me.” That was followed up by his Podcast account asking fans for their opinions. Looks like he’s taking this rumor with a grain of salt.

Should the Canadiens trade Danault?

There has been a lot of talk in Montreal that they may trade Phillip Danault if his contract demands are too high. This coming off the Max Domi rumors. Matt Larkin of The Hockey News, strongly disagrees with that idea.

He uses the Buffalo Sabres as an example of why you don’t trade a roster player, based on what you think a prospect will project to be. The Sabres player, Ryan O’Reilly.

On the flip, Danault was not happy with being used as a third line center in a defensive role. “I don’t think I’m ready to accept that,” Danault said to TVA Sports. “I like producing offensively, and I know I can reach another level on offense. I don’t know if I want to limit myself to a strictly defensive role. I don’t think I can improve with strictly defensive assignments.”

This one is going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

Translation via TheScore

Canadiens acquire defenseman, Joel Edmundson from Carolina

The Habs made a move yesterday, as they acquired the rights to UFA, Joel Edmundson. While giving up a fifth round pick just to have negotiation privileges seems steep, I am pretty sure the Canadiens believe they can sign him.