NHL releases key details, dates, and an offside rule change fans have demanded

Finally! Fans have been frustrated when a player appears to be onside but to only find out a goal has been overturned because said player’s back skate was not touching the ice.

The NHL has finally made the change fans have been clamoring for years about. This should also reduce the ridiculous amount of goal challenges due to the old offside rule.

NHL key details and dates

The NHL also released key dates and details with regards to COVID-19. We’ve covered many of the dates on this site, but let’s just focus on a few with more information.

NHL key dates
NHL releases key dates and offside rule change (NHLI)

NHL Schedules released 12/23/21: The NHL will release the regular season schedule today.

NHL Trade Deadline 4/12/21: Normally this takes place in February but has been naturally pushed out. The time still remains 3 PM EST. This also falls on a Monday.

Last possible day of the season 7/9/21: This was originally reported as 7/15 but the league has updated the final possible day to award the Cup.

Expansion Draft Dates: Fans of the Seattle Kraken will have 3 days to ponder who GM Ron Francis will select. Protected lists are due 7/17 and the expansion draft takes place Wednesday at 8PM EST on 7/21.

NHL Entry Draft: Round one takes place on 7/23 and rounds two through seven on 7/24. The draft is expected to be hosted and in person.

NHL Free Agent Frenzy 7/28/21: My favorite day of the hockey calendar. This lands on hump day at Noon, so it should help hockey fans power through the week.