NHL Playoffs Top 5 goals that lit the lamp 8/3/20

The NHL Playoffs top 5 goals from 8/3/20 were off the hook! Two hat-tricks were scored and there were pretty goals everywhere. Let’s check out the best of the best from yesterday.

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#5 – NHL Playoffs top 5 goals starts with Sidney Crosby splitting Carey Price’s wickets

The Pittsburgh Penguins evened their series with the Montreal Canadiens, and Sidney Crosby led the way with this pad splitter.

#4 – Nikita Kucherov says, “Angle? Who needs an angle?”

I mean, this shot is basically unfair to any goalie. But watch his shoulder fake take out the Caps defender just before. Seriously, too pretty.

#3 – Andrei Svechnikov tallies three to put the Rangers on the brink of elimination

NHL Playoffs top 5 goals with Andrei Svechnikov
NHL Playoffs top 5 goals with Andrei Svechnikov (Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images)

Andrei Svechnikov is giving the Rangers nightmares after two games. His first goal was from a sharp angle to beat Henrik Lundqvist and get the Carolina party started.

#2 – All of Connor McDavid’s three goals, because Connor McDavid

If there was an argument as to who the best offensive player in the NHL is right now, McDavid put that to bed…again. I mean just watch this hat-trick to even the series against the Blackhawks. In particular his second goals which was performed at 100 MPH! And yes! There’s a better goal from yesterday.

#1 – Who’s that Golden Knight? What a goal William Carrier

Folks, I got nothing. This is just too much “WOW” to add anything else to it. Enjoy.