NHL News: Sharks may be forced to leave San Jose, and 2020-2021 season updates

The San Jose Sharks are pleading with their fans to help them out. In a letter issued by the Sharks they detail their concerns over a new development that could force them out of San Jose.

NHL News: Sharks could be forced out of San Jose

The development of 250 acres of the Diridon neighborhood coupled with Google’s Downtown West project will have serious implications to the Sharks. Mainly that during development, access to the SAP arena will be hindered and parking impacted when complete.

San Jose Sharks president, Jonathan Becher told reporters that they have not gotten anywhere with the city council. “We’re frankly freaked out on behalf of our fans,” Becher relayed. “My sense is everyone’s hoping that someone will figure this out, the city will eventually figure this out. But to use an old phrase that’s used often, hope isn’t a strategy.”

Sharks move from San Jose
Sharks hit the ice (SAP Center)

NHL teams playing at home gaining steam

Plenty of news on RTP for next season started to flow yesterday. While both the NHL and NHLPA are working hard to hit the January 1 start date, there’s now hope that teams can play games in their home arenas.

This would fall into a “hybrid bubble” plan and could see teams play 3 game series similar to baseball. There would also be the possibility of having fans in attendance as well.

Just about the only certainty for the 2021 season is that it will not be an 82-game slate. There is no concept on the table that includes a full-length regular season. There are numerous schedule models ranging from 60 or 62 games to 56 and all the way down to 48 games, traditionally the minimum required for an accepted length in previous lockout-shortened campaigns.