NHL News: Jakub Voracek curses out reporter, Avalanche of goals, and more

Players calling out reporters is nothing new. However, when it happens it’s usually far in between and relatively mild. Then there are times where your jaw drops.

Anyone remember the Rangers Dan Boyle telling NY Post writer Larry Brooks to “Get the F#@k out!“? Just recently, Auston Matthews called a Toronto reporter “unethical” for a story about him contracting COVID-19.

NHL News: Jakub Voracek calls local reporter a “weasel”

Last night, Jakub Voracek was asked a question by a local reporter, Mike Sielski. The two have a “history” dating back to 2019 where Sielski wrote an overly critical article on Voracek. There is also a litany of similar articles and tweets on top of that.

“Does it matter what I say, Mike? You’re gonna write f#@king shit every time so it doesn’t matter what you say,” Voracek said while rubbing his face in anguish. “Yeah it feels different. I mean, we got four points out of these first two games. Uh, I wasn’t even gonna answer your question because you are such a weasel it’s not even funny. Next question.”

This set off a firestorm on social media and eventually Mike Sielski responded to people calling him out for his 2019 column. “Yes, I did [write that],” he wrote back on Twitter. “I’m a columnist. I’m supposed to write things like that.”

Criticism works both ways. We should all remember that.

NHL News: An Avalanche of goals in Colorado

Gabriel Landeskog
Avalanche unload for 8 (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Colorado Avalanche struck back at the St. Louis Blues after an opening night loss. They scored 8 times enroute to a monster shut out.

“We got outworked, we got embarrassed in the opening game, and we lost and it wasn’t the way we wanted to lose,” Avs coach Jared Bednar said. “I think the guys took it to heart and came out with a real strong work ethic, a real strong competitiveness and a real good commitment to defend.”

8-0 whooping! Taking it to heart may have been an understatement.

All the goals from 1/15/21

Here’s all the tallies from yesterday. Enjoy!