NHL Headlines: General Managers want changes to lottery and more

Yesterday the league’s general managers met virtually to discuss possible changes for next season. Apparently one of the hot button topics to come out of it was the draft lottery.

GM’s want changes to the draft lottery

“We are evaluating a lot of possibilities and gathering a lot of data and that we are going to take the time we have to make the best decisions possible,” Bill Daly told GM’s.

The Deputy Commissioner heard plenty of complaints, especially from the Detroit Red Wings who were furious they dropped to fourth thanks to the lottery. Apparently there was “some” acknowledgement to the uniqueness of this past lottery due to the pandemic induced pause, but it wasn’t enough. The league left it off with GM’s to bring solutions next time with their complaints.

nhl draft lottery changes
NYR won the Alexis Lafreniere raffle (Getty Images)

You have to wonder if the Rangers didn’t win the lottery if there would be so many upset teams? Would there be this campaign to change if let’s say Winnipeg won it?

There is an anti-New York Rangers sentiment around the hockey world that exists. Much of it is due to how they wielded their money around to buy free agents for the better part of the 1990’s and 2000’s.

No updates on NHL start date but league aiming for a full schedule

The NHL also told GM’s they are still targeting a start day around January 1. They are trying to see if they could get an 82 game schedule in, but the later it goes the less likely it becomes.

There is also the financial aspect for all of this as the NHL needs fans in the stands for revenue. Bill Daly is going to work with owners and players on any plans as there will be another Return to Play committee with at least 10 members from the NHLPA.

“I do think (the owners) are unified,” Daly said. “We’re going to work with them and the players in terms of coming up with the right solution for the league, for their clubs, and for the long-term value of their interests in the league. This is going to be challenging economically next year under any scenario. We understand that, they understand that. Ultimately, you’re doing what’s necessary to preserve the asset value of the asset you’ve purchased and you’ve invested in.”

Everything is on the table right now including a temporary realignment of divisions to minimize travel. What needs to be understood is that we are still very early in the process.

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