NHL Headlines October 9, 2020: Free Agent Frenzy Friday

Get you coffee in hand, rub your eyes and put on your glasses on if you need to. Today’s NHL Headlines are jam packed with Free Agent Frenzy news.

The flat cap next season and possibly beyond has impacted the offseason immensely. We’ve seen a large number of buyouts, dozens of RFAs not qualified, and cap clearing trades. There’s uncertainty in the air today and you need to read these articles to get ready.

NHL Headlines

NHL: NHL free agency has GMs not knowing what to expect with salary cap flat

DGH: Top Free Agent Predictions

Sportsnet: Re-acquiring Paul Stastny could benefit Jets in multiple ways

TSN: Insider Trading: Will Pietrangelo go to open market?

TSN: Cap concerns have displaced a number of quality players into free agency

Forever Blueshirts: Hard to predict what Rangers will do in free agency

theScore: Cap-strapped Lightning vulnerable to offer sheets for talented RFAs

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