NHL Headlines: Edmonton Oilers lose local icon, and Arizona Coyotes draft pick troubles

Joey Moss is not a name you will find in the NHL record books. His is a name you will find etched in the hearts of players like Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid.

Edmonton Oilers say goodbye to Joey Moss

joey moss oilers
Joey Moss passes at 57 (Oilers)

During the Oilers Dynasty, Joey Moss became a fixture with the team. Whether celebrating with them on the ice or in the locker room, his smiling face was always there.

Joey had down syndrome and an amazing ability to lift up spirits. He was just 57 and will be sorely missed.

Arizona Coyotes draft pick’s unsavory past emerges

The Coyotes selected Mitchell Miller in this year’s draft. Now they are having to try and help him correct his past. In the last 24 hours, a story has emerged that he admitted to bullying a black classmate.

It is not an easy story to read:

Four years ago, Miller admitted in an Ohio juvenile court to bullying Meyer-Crothers, who was tricked into licking a candy push pop that Miller and another boy had wiped in a bathroom urinal.Meyer-Crothers had to be tested for hepatitis, HIV and STDs, but the tests came back negative, according to a police report.


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