Oops! Finnish NHL website leaks Hart Trophy winner

Well, the Finnish version of NHL.com accidentally revealed the winner of the 2020 Hart Trophy. It looks like Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers is the recipient of the league’s MVP honors.

NHL.com Finland leaks MVP

The site has since taken down the article, but not before a screen capture could be caught and published at this Finnish website.

According to NHL.com’s Finnish website, Edmonton Oilers striker Leon Draisaitl has won the Hart Memorial Trophy to be awarded to his team’s most valuable player…The winner of the award had not been announced by the North American media in the early evening, but NHL.com’s Finnish-language website published the information at 17.07 Finnish time.

Draisaitl scored a staggering 110 points in just 71 games this season and truly is deserving of the honor. Anyway, enjoy the awards show.