Mike Milbury’s latest offensive comments could lead to NBC firing

NBC Sports analyst and former Boston Bruins tough guy, Mike Milbury is in hot water. The 68 year-old has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, and no he didn’t attack anyone with a shoe at Madison Square Garden this time.

Mike Milbury comments offensive

Listen, controversy sells and that’s why NBC has Mike Milbury on air. He’s outspoken and has no problem criticizing players on live TV. Just recently he called out Tuukka Rask for opting out of the playoffs in round one, before it became public that Rask’s daughter had a medical emergency.

Now, in a recent broadcast when discussing playing in the bubble he made a disparaging comment towards women, calling them a distraction. This sent off a wave of backlash from key female journalists in the industry.

NHL condemns, Milbury apologizes

The NHL issued a statement on the matter and even contacted NBC Sports about the comment.

“The National Hockey League condemns the insensitive and insulting comment that Mike Milbury made during last night’s broadcast and we have communicated our feelings to NBC. The comment did not reflect the NHL’s values and commitment to making our game more inclusive and welcoming to all.”

Soon thereafter, an NBC Spokesperson said they have discussed that matter with him and released Milbury’s apology. “I sincerely apologize for making the comment,” he said. “I was trying to be irreverent and took it a step too far.”

NBC pulls Milbury off TV, is firing next?

Late yesterday, NBC made the decision to pull Mike Milbury off TV. Now what remains to be seen is if they will go all the way and fire him.

Currently, NBC is facing a lawsuit from Jeremy Roenick who also made comments on a podcast that he termed as “jokes”. There could be some hesitation at the network to pul the trigger on a termination because per Roenick’s lawsuit, there is a double standard on these situations and how NBC handles them.

Sources at NBC told me this is the straw that could break the proverbial camel’s back. According to one source, Milbury is not pleasant to be around and many don’t enjoy working when he’s on the call sheet. It sounds like a decision is coming soon.

Sean Avery wants to replace Milbury

If things couldn’t get stranger, former NHL bad boy, Sean Avery went on his Instagram and put out a plea for NBC to hire him. He even said he’s do it for free. I doubt NBC would go from one controversial figure to another, but you never know. I mean, would they?

Nah! Although you should never say never.