Latest rumors on Zdeno Chara, Mike Hoffman, Mikael Granlund, and more

NHL general managers and agents are armed with the parameters of a new season. With that, the buzz is picking up on UFA players around the league.

NHL Rumors: Zdeno Chara

For months, Zdeno Chara and his agent have let it be known they will wait until they have all the details for the 2020-21 season before making a decision. Well here we are and we will see if Chara opts-out, or returns. If he does, it may not be with the Bruins.

“The Bruins have been very communicative with us about how they see things moving forward,” Chara’s agent Matt Keaton said Sunday. “Now that we know the format of the season we will be assessing Z’s options going forward.”

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NHL Rumors: 5 teams interested in Erik Haula

“We’re sorting through conversations that we’ve had with numerous teams,’’ Haula’s veteran agent Jay Grossman told Pierre Lebrun back in October. “Really we’ve probably talked to 10-12 teams that have had legitimate interest. We’re just sorting through those options.’’

Today we are hearing more than 5 of those teams have circled back to sign him. Things are heating up quick.

NHL Rumors: Mike Hoffman and the St. Louis Blues

mike hoffman rumors
Mike Hoffman (Photo by Vincent Ethier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Mike Hoffman still remains the prized remaining UFA on the market. Back in October, Frank Seravalli of TSN said, “the teams that are most interested at this point are the Boston Bruins, the Columbus Blue Jackets and also the Nashville Predators.” He also named the Montreal Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks if they can make some moves for cap space.

Alex Steen has called it a career due to a back injury. The 36 year-old was a solid citizen for the Blues playing there for 12 seasons. His “retirement” will be treated similar to that of Johnny Boychuk’s as he will go on LTIR but get his full salary of $3.5 million.

Could the Blues, who will be without Vladimir Tarasenko for most of the season use that space to sign Mike Hoffman? A one year deal at $3 million could be enough to get it done, so keep an eye on this one.

I think the Blues have shown some interest in Hoffman and now with the Alex Steen news, perhaps there’s a fit. The idea being that whether it’s St. Louis or another club being able to use LTIR to create space, Hoffman could find a decent fit that way.

Pierre Lebrun, The Athletic

Landing Mikael Granlund

According to the most recent reporting, Granlund was looking to get his family settled before deciding on a team. The latest rumors has at least four teams as contenders to land him. Pierre LeBrun believes the Carolina Hurricanes are one of those teams.

“Our discussions with clubs started to increase earlier in the week and I would say a sense or urgency began Thursday into Friday,” Granlund’s agent Todd Diamond said Sunday. “GMs and coaches of clubs that believe they have a chance to win want to know their rosters on Day 1.”

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