LA Kings rumors – will they make a big pitch to the NY Rangers for the first overall pick

The L.A. Kings looked slightly disappointed when they found out they didn’t win the draft lottery during phase one. They did finish with the 2nd overall pick and certainly faired better than the Detroit Red Wings.

“Our primary look at this scenario, we knew we were between 1 and 7,” Rob Blake said afterwards. According to the Kings GM, they had the top 3 players, likely ranked Lafreniere, Byfield, and Stutzle and then another group between 4 and 8. “For us to be able to move up and be able to get in that Top 3 was important.”

The big question is if Rob Blake feels he can make a move with the New York Rangers into the #1 position. Some people think it is possible.

la kings rumors
General Manager Rob Blake of the Los Angeles Kings (Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

New York Rangers rumors with the L.A. Kings

This is probably the most intriguing and realistic of all the rumors being bandied about for the first pick overall. The thought process is logical, because the Rangers need a future star center and Quinton Byfield fits the bill.

In a recent article in The Athletic, the Kings would package the #2 overall pick and several prospects like Alex Turcotte and Gabe Vilardi to the Rangers for the first overall selection.

While this is intriguing and in essence would give the Rangers three great prospects down the middle, the difference between Alexis Lafreniere and all three players the Rangers would be getting is just too big.

new york rangers rumors
Quinton Byfield and Alexis Lafreniere are two big players in this draft (Getty Images)

Rumors will persist until Rangers say they aren’t trading the pick

Of course, the New York Rangers will not commit to saying that they aren’t trading the first round pick, nor should they. Both John Davidson and Jeff Gorton want to leave all options on the table, even if the first overall pick is just a gateway to a conversation on another deal.

Alexis Lafreniere is widely considered to be a surefire superstar for the next decade plus. However, the Rangers could in one fell swoop create an incredible amount of organization depth at center in one trade.

Expect a pretty fun time between now in the draft for rumors. Follow The Daily Goal Horn for all the latest.