John Tortorella provides savage answer to profanity in playoffs question

In a recent interview, John Tortorella who coaches the Columbus Blue Jackets was asked if he had any concerns about the on-ice mics picking up profanity.

The finalist for the Jack Adams award which goes to the coach of the year provided the most savage response, and it was glorious.

John Tortorella gives appropriate response to profanity question

NSFW: Torts as he’s affectionately known was asked by a reporter after the Blue Jackets practice what he thought about mics picking up profanity. The response was so legendary that it makes fans beg for more coaches like Torts.

“I really don’t give a shit.”

John Tortorella coach of the year finalist

Tortorella coaches a bruised and battered Blue Jackets team that also lost Artemi Panarin to the New York Rangers to the playoffs.