Blue Jackets elimination means no more of John Tortorella’s press gems

The Columbus Blues Jackets have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Although the Boston Bruins were the far superior team and worthy to advance, I am sure going to miss the absolute gem that is John Tortorella.

John Tortorella has no time for nonsense questions

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John Tortorella (NHLI)

John Tortorella’s elimination presser lasted a grand total of 51 glorious seconds. I mean come on guys! He just got eliminated and these reporters are asking him questions of what life was like in the bubble? Really!

As Torts is being asked the bubble question the look of absolute consternation on his face is laugh out loud funny. “You know what guys,” Torts began. “I’m not going to get into the touch feely stuff and the moral victories and all that. You guys be safe.”

Torts is never going to change

Seriously folks! Torts is never going to change. He’s literally been like this with reporters for ages. The man is one of the best coaches in the game and took a lunch pail gang of heart and soul players to the limit.

Why would you not ask questions he is more inclined to answer? Try questions like, “coach how pissed are you right now?” Or, “how damn proud are you of your team?”

Oh well…at least with questions like these we will get the gems Torts is known for.