Jack Edwards comments on Svechnikov injury is just par for the course, “he bit off more than he could chew” met with serious backlash

Boston Bruins’ biggest homer and announcer, Jack Edwards made another ridiculous comment. During yesterday’s game between the Bruins and Hurricanes, Andrei Svechnikov got tangled up with Zdeno Chara.

The Carolina forward went down hard, and injured his leg. At this time, no one has an injury update except that it doesn’t look good.

Jack Edwards comments following Svechnikov injury

“What NBC hasn’t shown yet, regarding the unfortunate injury to Svechnikov: the Carolina wing playing hobby-horse, riding Chara on the back apron of the goal. You poke the bear, you take your chances. No one wanted to see Svechnikov hurt, but he bit off more than he could chew.” – Jack Edwards

Yes, you read that right. After watching Svechnikov hobble off the ice, Jack Edwards in essence said, “that’s what you get!” The fact that he makes a feeble attempt at cleaning it up with, “No one wanted to see Svechnikov hurt,” doesn’t make it better.

This is not the first time for Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards doesn’t need Twitter to embarrass himself either. He’s done this on live TV with some of the most blatantly repugnant comments. Here’s a sample of some of his worst.

In a game against the Flyers, Milan Lucic dangerously crosschecked a Flyer from behind into the boards. Edwards then proceeds to applaud and laugh about it.

Another dose of verbal garbage was Edwards calling out Max Pacioretty after scoring a goal. Edwards on the call is screaming and crying that Max “is a cocky kid and someday is going to get his head taken off.”

If you want more, just Google: Jack Edwards terrible calls.

Jack Edwards receives backlash for his comments

It didn’t take long for Edwards to get lambasted for his comments. First off, the Carolina Hurricanes themselves went after him.

Then NHL players went after him too, starting with the San Jose Sharks, Evander Kane. “The most bias homer and classless announcer in sports,” Kane tweeted.

Hockey reporters didn’t hold back either. Michael Russo called Edwards “the most disrespected broadcaster in the sport amongst his colleagues.”

Don’t expect an apology

As you can see, this is not an exception with Edwards but the rule. So don’t expect an apology. At the same time, don’t expect NESN or the league to take any action either. It just goes on and on.