Holdout: New York Islanders list Mathew Barzal on training camp roster but he remains unsigned

Yesterday, Mathew Barzal reportedly took part in day one of training camp, at least to take his physical. While the Islanders are skating this morning, he can’t participate until he has a contract.

Islanders Mathew Barzal officially a holdout

You can now officially label Mathew Barzal a holdout for the New York Islanders. Talks continue between the two sides, but it sounds like the difference between the parties is bigger than is being let on.

The 23 year-old pivot wants a long term deal and big bucks. We are talking numbers at around $8 to $10 million per season. The Islanders are playing hardball and looking at a 2-year bridge deal at around $6 million AAV.

mathew barzal contract
When will Barzal sign? (Bruce Bennet/Getty Images)

This could drag on into the season, or it could be done later today. Honestly, nothing really comes out of Lou Lamoriello’s circle of trust so people are basically guessing.

The threat of an offer-sheet has passed. Now there’s a slim chance (and I mean razor thin) that Barzal doesn’t play this season. What will happen is that soon the two sides will come to terms on a new short-term deal.

Will Barzal be happy about it? Will he carry resentment heading into his next contract talks? Once again…guess work.

Barzal’s teammates confident he will sign

“They’re going to work this thing out,” captain Anders Lee said per the NY Post. “Barzy, he’s one of the boys. He doesn’t want to be missing any more time than anyone else. It’s all going to get worked out. We haven’t thought twice about it. It’s not something we really worry about, that’s just the other side of things that take some time.”

The words chosen by Anders Lee is basically the general consensus from the entire Islanders locker room. Anthony Beauvillier went as far as to say, “I’m pretty confident it’s going to happen soon.”

When players talk like that, it’s coming from a place of knowledge. That’s why it’s more likely than not that Barzal and the Islanders are going to come to terms soon.