Hockey News: Embarrassed Jaromir Jagr is not retiring, Ron Francis can officially sign players to the Kraken, and Women rightfully get their tournament

Jaromir Jagr has a big hairy beard with lots of grey in it these days. Funny, I still remember watching this man child join the Penguins in the early 90’s and terrorize the league with his signature mullet. He also didn’t have a single hair on his baby face chin. Times have changed in many ways.

Jaromir Jagr tells reporters he’s not retiring at 49, his reasoning is bizarre

“I believe I still have it in me,” Jagr said via “It is all just about working hard and putting more effort. I have to practice harder and avoid gaining weight. You know, I was used to scoring a goal when I wanted to score one. I have been working hard since I was very young to be able to do it.”

These comments came off the heels of picking up an assist for the team he owns, Rytiri Kladno. After winning game 7 of the Chance Liga Final Jagr’s team will be promoted to the top league in the country, Czech Extraliga. But why is Jagr the owner still playing? He states it very clearly.

“The main reason I am still playing is my responsibility to the club,” he explained, at the same time calling himself out. “If I did not have any, I would not be flying around on the ice here. Because I am embarrassing myself there, I can say.”

This interview almost feels like it’s coming out of the mouth of Will Ferrell’s character Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro. “Everybody love everybody,” I guess.

Seattle Kraken can start signing players

seattle kraken expansion draft
Kraken GM Ron Francis (CP)

Now that the Seattle Kraken made their final payment, Ron Francis can actually join GM meetings and get to signing players.

Starting Friday, Kraken GM Ron Francis and his front-office staff are free to sign free agent NCAA, juniors and European players who have “aged out of draft eligibility.” There are more than a few NHL stars and Stanley Cup-winning players who went undrafted. “It’s an exciting day for our ownership and fans,” said Francis, who is currently scouting the U18 men’s world championships in Dallas along with Kraken assistant GM Jason Botterill, director of player personnel Norm Maciver, director of amateur scouting Robert Kron, director of hockey strategy and research Alexandra Mandrycky, and scouts Tom O’Connor and Eddie Olczyk Jr.

Seattle Kraken

Women get their IIHF tournament

It didn’t come easy with many prominent female hockey players speaking out. They weren’t alone as they received support throughout the hockey world. The IIHF has opted not to cancel the Women’s World Championship and rescheduled the games for August.