Doc Emrick’s retirement farewell message to the hockey world will move you

The incomparable Mike “Doc” Emrick through NBC Sports released a farewell message to the hockey world. When it comes to one of the great hockey voices of our time, the only way to say goodbye is for him to do it for us.

Doc Emrick’s farewell message

Heart touching, emotional, beautiful are just a few words I would use to describe what Doc said in his video. When he talks about the Stanley Cup and what the players go through to win it, your hair starts to rise ob the back of your neck.

“And knowing how professionals are paid well during the season, forget everything, and raise pain thresholds above broken jaws, black eyes, stitches, and a lot we can’t see,” Emrick narrates over Stanley Cup memories. “To win a title and get the name their parents gave them engraved on this trophy.”

It will give you chills. Enjoy it below. And thank you Doc.

doc emrick retires
Doc Emrick retires (Getty Images)