Corey Crawford admits he had COVID-19 as he returns for the Chicago Blackhawks

Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks goaltender, Corey Crawford finally returned to the ice. It looks like he will be ready to go for the Qualifying round against the Edmonton Oilers.

Corey Crawford admits he had COVID-19

The Blackhawks 35 year-old net minder said during a Zoom conference yesterday, he was staying home a lot after the NHL went on pause. “It was actually a really big surprise that I tested positive,” Crawford revealed. In his case, he said it went by quickly and felt like the flu.

For him, the challenge was not rushing back once he did feel well. “The last couple weeks maybe was a little bit easier, but I still couldn’t do much in case there was something wrong with my lungs or my heart,” Crawford explained.

He then commended the doctors for the job they did and how he was very careful not to put anyone else at risk. Corey finished by saying, “I’m just excited to be back on the ice and seeing pucks again.”

Jonathan Toews clears up that he voted “Yes”

Earlier this week a false report came out that Hawks captain, Jonathan Toews voted no on returning. It was important for him to be clear with everyone, especially his teammates that he did indeed vote yes.

“I don’t know where [Elliotte Friedman] got that from and I’ll be completely honest, I don’t know how much I want to get into my reasons why, but I wasn’t one of the guys who voted no. I voted yes,” Toews clarified. All he wanted to convey to his fellow players was to make sure they were fully aware and educating before voting.