Canada lifts quarantine restrictions for NHL clearing path for Hub City

The Canadian Government has finally cleared the biggest roadblock preventing the NHL from selecting a Hub City based in Canada. According to a report published by the Canadian Press, Marco Mendicino the Minister of Immigration issued a statement indicating that it was in the country’s best interest to have a hub city when play resumes.

Canada Clears a Path for Hockey

Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton have all approved the NHL’s proposed ‘Return to Play’ protocols. Mr. Mendicino highlighted that NHL’s plan to keep players separate from the public as the main reason to lift the 14 day mandatory quarantine coming into Canada. The Minister is calling it a “cohort quarantine.”

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco Mendicino has issued a letter saying it’s in the national interest to have a Canadian hub after the Public Health Agency of Canada and the public health authorities in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver all gave their approval of the NHL’s plan to keep players separate from the general public.

It would be called a cohort quarantine.

Canadian Press

COVID-19 Cases in Toronto

As noted in a recent report, Toronto is the lead candidate to be named the Canadian Hub City with Las Vegas all but official in the U.S.. Since the pandemic hit, Toronto has had over 13,000 cases but they have done an excellent job flattening the curve. Mitch Marner who plays in Toronto feels the NHL’s approach is right. “I think they’re going to do what’s best,” the Maple Leafs star told reporters. That has been the general consensus from players and it will go a long way in getting back to the action.

The NHL is expected to finalize and announce their hub cities soon. Based on the latest buzz around the league, the announcement could come next week.