Breaking Point: Buffalo Sabres list Jack Eichel out for tonight, but rumor has it could be long term

The Buffalo Sabres who have lost seven in a row will take on the Philadelphia Flyers without their best player. Jack Eichel has been ruled out with an “upper-body injury”.

Jack Eichel out, possibly long term

According to Elliotte Friedman, he is hearing rumblings that Jack Eichel could be out much longer than one game.

It should be noted that Eichel has already missed time but it was deemed a lower-body issue. Eichel also contradicted his coach as to why he was scratched during a pre-game warmup against NJ.

Now we are dealing with a new issue and of course speculation that this could be something more than just injury. Eichel remains the biggest fish in the NHL sea of trade rumors.

For the record, Eichel was seen visibly shaken up after a hit on Long Island.

As more info comes out, we will follow up.

jack eichel trade rumors
Jack Eichel trade talk (Photo: The Canadian Press)