Brandon Dubinsky causes stir on a podcast as he blasts Sidney Crosby

Former New York Rangers and Blue Jackets forward Brandon Dubinsky caused quite a stir on the Garage Beers Podcast. When discussing the great Crosby or Ovechkin debate Dubi has he was known around the league didn’t hold a single thing back.

Former Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky blasts Sidney Crosby, “F*** Sid”

Former Ranger Brandon Dubinsky has caused quite a stir with a recent podcast appearance. “Everyone wants to talk about Sid and Ovi whatever,” Dubinsky began with regard to Crosby vs Ovechkin debate. “F*** Sid! I’ll take Ovi every day of the week.”

Dubinsky kept going by saying he’s take Ovechkin over Crosby “everyday of the week.” The former NHLer even admitted asking Ovi for a stick and how he would never ask Crosy for one. “I would never ask Sid for a stick. Never.”

This set off a firestorm on social media with fans and even some journalists going after Dubinsky. That only prompted him to stoke the flames higher by tweeting their stats. “Listen. Crosby is better then me I never said he wasn’t. He’s obviously one of the best ever. It was @ovi8 vs Sid,” he continued. “None of you played in the NHL and know how hard it is to score goals in the NHL. 724 is insane. Sid just whined way too much and Ovi just shut up and played hard.”

Shot fired folks…many of them. No response from Crosby – yet.