Brady Tkachuk loses it after Kings’ Brendan Lemieux allegedly bit him… twice

Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk was absolutely livid after a scuffle with Los Angeles Kings forward Brendan Lemieux.

At some point during the scrum, Tkachuk put his hands in the face of Lemieux and that’s where he claims he was bitten – twice.

Tkachuk goes off on Lemieux bites

Late in the third period with Kings on their way to a win, the two players both known for their sandpaper approach to the game got involved. In the video, you can see Tkachuk’s hands go to Lemieux’s face but a bite can’t be seen.

Tkachuk arose from the ice and immediately showed his hand to the ref saying, “He bit me!”

After the game, Tkachuk sounded off on Lemieux.

“This is the one time I’m going to answer this. It was the most gutless thing somebody could ever do,” Tkachuk said via Bruce Garrioch. “This guy, you could ask any one of his teammates, nobody ever wants to play with him. This guy is a bad guy and a bad teammate. He focuses on himself all the time.”

“The guy’s just a joke. He shouldn’t be in the league. This guy is gutless. No other team wants him. He’s going to keep begging to be in the NHL but no other team is going to want him. He’s an absolute joke. I can’t even wrap my head around it.”

Lemieux, 25, will have an in-person hearing with the NHL over the incident. This season he has 5 points in 14 games.

“It’s not a good situation to put the team in, and not only for tonight but moving forward,” Kings coach Todd McLellan said. “Brendan Lemieux has become a really valuable player to our team. I think he knows that. We all believe it, and we need him in the lineup. We need him playing every night. We need him playing every minute that he gets. Offensively, defensively, physically, emotionally. And if we happen to lose him for any period of time, we’ll miss him.”