Seravalli: Chicago Blackhawks set to trade Brandon Hagel

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Frank Seravalli of The Daily Faceoff is reporting that the Chicago Blackhawks are about to trade forward Brandon Hagel.

This is a bit of a surprising move after signing him over the summer to a three-year, $4.5 million contract.

Hagel, 23, finished fifth in team scoring during his rookie season in 2020-21 by scoring 24 points in 52 games. This season, he’s picked up his pace with 37 points in 55 contests thus far.

UPDATE: Hagel heads to Tampa Bay

Teams have been calling on Hagel

It’s not surprising that teams have been talking with the Blackhawks about some of their pending UFAs and other veterans would at least inquire about Hagel. However, it is a bit shocking that they would be moving such a promising young forward.

“Not only is he just 23 and getting better all the time, but he’s also signed for a mere $1.5 million cap hit over the next two seasons. It’s highly unlikely a pick in the mid-to-late 20s is going to provide that kind of value,” Mark Lazerus wrote in The Athletic bay in February. “The Blackhawks understand that, and, according to one team source, have no intention of moving him.”

Things change quickly in the NHL, and one would have to assume that for the Blackhawks to trade him, it will be a very good offer.

This will be a big first test for GM Kyle Davidson and it has to be a must-win deal for him to make it.