Arizona Coyotes: John Chayka pays steep price for breach of contract

The NHL sent a message on behalf of the Arizona Coyotes and any other team where a GM may decide to pull a Chayka. The former executive was given a one year suspension for quitting on the Coyotes with the hopes of making a move to the NJ Devils.

NHL Suspends John Chayka for one year

John Chayka has been suspended for an entire year, until December 31, 2021. A memo sent out by the NHL to all teams gave the following reasons for their decision.

“Chayka engaged in conduct detrimental to the league, breached his obligation to the club, and was properly terminated by the club.”

Chayka wanted to go to the NJ Devils

During the drama in the desert, the NJ Devils were seeking to interview Chayka and play a much larger role in managing the owners sports portfolio which also includes the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Yotes originally denied the request, but then allowed it as long as the role didn’t include GM or President of Hockey Operations.

Nothing ever came of it afterwards.

Clear message sent by the NHL

Make no mistake about this, it’s a clear warning to any executive looking to bolt for greener pastures. The 31 year-old Chayka had three years left on his deal when it all took place. Now he will be unable to get a job in the NHL until the 2021-22 season at the earliest.

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